The Technetium Show - Mondays at 6PM WFRZ 106.3FM


If you have a question or computer topic that you wish for me to discuss on-air, feel free to drop me a line in the community chat room


The following topics are researched weekly to discover new and interesting news / topics to discuss on air.

  • Computer Security (New Viruses, Bad Patches, etc)
  • Computer System Administrative (Microsoft Patch News, Enterprise Hardware/Software Rants)
  • PC Gaming (MMO News, eSports)
  • Programming (New Science, News)
  • Tech World News (Cool things happening outside of the USA)
  • Tech Q&A (People submit me questions and Ill be happy to cover the topic the best I can)

If time permits in my show, I may host a call in session where I answer your tech questions live, from networking advice to fixing your smartphone/computer I welcome it all.

Funfact: The intro is a 18 second clip from Dubmood -The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 1 of Razor 1911 Fame