BSidesRoc2019 Badge

This badge was created as my first project of making a badge, PCBWay did 350 badges for $2613.0 and about a month to put them together! They came out very good! Only had 4 badges with bad solder (easy to fix, just missing a little solder paste) and 10 badges with bad solder bumps under the battery holders (I suspect that's my fault) - The Amazing part is, The badge mostly worked the first time! I had to pick a programming port for the back that would fit, I got super lucky with my design, I blame my Garry's Mod Wiremod skills on PCB Design

Here is a video of me wearing Hatchan and showing off the badges, there are 4 badges on this panel

Here are the KiCad Files: It has everything you would need if you wanted to make one.

Source Code: TBA

The basic code is written in the Arduino IDE, Its pulsing Morse Code a message for the CTF.