Hatnas Update

HATNAS is pretty much done, but I want to release it as a single package, I'm going to start in a clean virtual machine and make install scripts from there. That should allow anyone to run HATNAS on a new Pi without any shitty image distros.

2017/04/22 19:47 · jrwr

Who knew?!

Man Doku wiki is powerful, Mediawiki is fine and all, but Dokuwiki is pretty much the bees knees when it comes to making a personal site.

2017/04/22 19:21 · jrwr

I/O Port Enabled

I/O Port has been enabled, MODESET 9600,8,n,1 ^M^M^M^M^M NO CARRIER

2017/04/22 19:00 · jrwr

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